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9/25/2014 Victim of Police Misconduct Settles Lawsuit With City for $115,000
The victim of a wrongful arrest and excessive force has settled his case against the responsible City for a total of $115,000.
6/2/2014 Bicycle Accident Case Settles for Driver's Policy Limits
The victim in an automobile versus bicycle accident has settled his claim for the $100,000.00 policy limits available.
11/4/2013 Lawsuit Filed in Orange County Trip and Fall
A lawsuit for personal injury has been filed on behalf of the firm's client after a serious fall within a Buena Park store in which the client badly fractured both arms.
2/18/2013 Glass Case Against Orange County Apartment Complex Settled
Last month the lawsuit against an Orange County apartment complex for an allegedly dangerous window was settled for $185,000.00. The firm had filed suit on behalf of a female resident after a window shattered near her bed cutting her leg severely, resulting in surgery and residual scarring.
9/3/2012 Case Resolved In Anaheim Bar Assault
Firm resolves assault victim's third-party case against bar owner in Anaheim. In spite of the fact the attackers were never identified by the police, the claim against the bar owner was a success.

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Sun Glare May Have Caused Distraction and Serious Accident

Posted by: Paul Ralph Posted Date: 03/13/2013
On Monday evening, two people were seriously injured in Temecula when they were struck by a car who may have been distracted by the glare of the setting sun. According to the Press Enterprise, the driver of a Toyota Matrix was driving downhill on westbound Pauba Road just before 6:00 p.m. when she struck two pedestrians who were walking in a shaded bike lane.

Driver Distractions And Deadly Accidents

Posted by: Paul Ralph Posted Date: 12/13/2011

Once again, a post-accident investigation has revealed that a tragic, fatal accident was caused by driver distraction. In a multi-fatality accident in Missouri, a 19-year-old pickup truck driver had texted 11 times in the 11 minutes prior to the accident, including one just before the impact. The Associated Press/Yahoo News, has reported a federal investigation into a multiple vehicle accident has revealed the pick-up driver (traveling approximately 55 miles per hour) had texted just prior to driving his vehicle into the back of a tractor truck, setting off a chain collision involving two school buses. The pickup driver and a 15-year-old student aboard one the buses were killed, and 38 more were injured.

See the AP/Yahoo story HERE.

According to the California DMV website, driver distractions are the leading cause of most vehicle crashes and near-crashes. Citing a study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), the DMV reported that 80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes involve some form of driver distraction. The distraction occurred within three seconds before the vehicle crash!

According to the NHTSA and VTTI study, the principal actions that cause distracted driving and lead to vehicle crashes are:

• cell phone use.
• reaching for a moving object inside the vehicle.
• looking at an object or event outside of the vehicle.
• reading.
• applying makeup.

As more and more people purchase smart phones and other similar, electronic devices, it seems a logical inference the number of distraction-related auto accidents will climb. Behind the wheel of a 4 thousand pound vehicle is not the place to try one's hand at multi-tasking. In spite of this, nearly one in a hundred drivers on the road at any one time are texting, e-mailing or otherwise using an electronic device, according the National Highway Safety Administration. How many tragic automobile accidents could be avoided if drivers simply focused on the road while driving?

Compensation for the victims of automobile accidents caused by distracted drivers should be an important concern for all Californians. When a driver operates their vehicle while texting, e-mailing or surfing the web, they should be held accountable for the injuries and damages they cause. An Orange County injury lawyer with experience at handling such cases can make a fair assessment of these claims. Mr. Ralph has more than 20 years of experience handling Orange County automobile accident cases, including those involving distracted drivers. He can be reached at 714-919-4415 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Have you or a loved one been injured or killed by a distracted driver?

Nothing in this post is intended to suggest the Law Offices of Paul W. Ralph currently represents anyone involved in the news story above. This posting should not be construed as legal advice or an opinion on the merit of any particular matter. A consultation is the best way to obtain an assessment of your potential case.

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