Pedestrian in Crosswalk is Run Down on MLK Boulevard

A hit-and-run crash in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles on Monday has left a 37-year-old man dead.  According to ABC News, the accident happened at about 1:00 a.m. when the victim was crossing West Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at its intersection with Nicolet Avenue.  The victim was within the crosswalk and was apparently heading across the street in order to reach his own car when the collision occurred.  The suspect was driving a 1999-2002 Land Rover Discovery, champagne in color.  Local residents describe this area as notorious for speeders.  Anyone who has information regarding this accident has been asked to contact the LAPD’s South Traffic Division at (323) 421-2577.

Crosswalk Dangers

Sadly, accidents like the one above happen with alarming frequency.  Drivers who are impaired or distracted do not pay attention to the presence of an intersection or even a painted crosswalk.  In the case above, the victim was crossing the street within a marked crosswalk.  In fact, the intersection where the accident occurred is very well marked with pedestrian crossing signs, streetlights and heavy white paint.  It is almost impossible to believe that a driver should not anticipate that someone would be crossing at this location and therefore be on the lookout.  Perhaps the only other step that could be taken is the installation of a stop light or stop sign.  It seems doubtful, however, that a driver who missed all of the warnings would pay attention to a stop sign, or perhaps even a traffic light.

If you or a loved one were injured in a crosswalk accident, contacting an auto accident attorney might be the most important step to take in order to obtain compensation for the injuries and damages sustained.

SOURCE:  Crenshaw District hit-and-run crash kills man; suspect sought, ABC News, Los Anegeles, August 12, 2013, by Darsha Philips

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