Bicyclist Killed in Moreno Valley Accident

Thursday afternoon a 56-year-old cyclist in Perris was rear-ended and killed while riding his bike on Perris Boulevard in Moreno Valley.  According to the Press Enterprise, the victim, Tracy Gage, was struck from behind by a Toyota while riding northbound and suffered major injuries.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  The accident happened between Krameria Avenue and Northern Dancer Drive at about 3:40 p.m.  The driver of the car, 19-year-old Steven Gomez, was also heading the same direction on Perris Blvd. when the accident occurred.  Neither drugs nor alcohol appear to have been a factor in this tragic accident.  Anyone with information regarding the happening of the accident is urged to call the Moreno Valley Police Department Traffic Division at 951-486-6900 during regular business hours or 951-776-1099 after hours and on weekends.

Area of the Accident and Its Cause

The stretch of Perris Boulevard where the accident occurred is in a residential area.  The road is flat, straight and the speed limit is a somewhat surprising 50 miles per hour.  Any driver traveling through the area might reasonably expect to encounter a cyclist since there are so many homes nearby.  The speed limit, however, would seem to make the roadway particularly dangerous for someone on a bicycle who could not keep up with the flow of 50 mph traffic.  It is unknown why Gomez struck Gage, but it is possible he was not expecting to encounter a vehicle (the bike) traveling so much slower than traffic.  While this would appear to be a possibility, it certainly would not excuse this rear-end accident.

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SOURCE:  MORENO VALLEY: Bicyclist killed by car is identified (UPDATE), The Press Enterprise, September 12, 2013, by Richard K. De Atley

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